Designed on the principles of Feng-Shui, Cozy range invites you to pleasure filled moments and restful sleep. It offers moments of creativity. innovative thinking, inspiration and faster recovery for body.

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A revolutionary technology to ensure every time you take a nap, you get to experience better sleep and get up with refreshed mind and body to tackle each day as it comes. Choose from a wide range of mattresses especially designed to suit your body and sleep style.

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  • I got Sago DLX back care mattress for my mother who could not sleep well during day or night due to sleeping on a poor quality mattress. Sago DLX mattress proved very good for her as she could now relax well and feel very fit nowadays. Thanks, Dreamsmattress for making such a wonderful product.

    Ankit Gulati
  • My son would kick, toss and turn at night too often. The mattresses would usually ruin after some time. After every two years, I had to buy a new mattress. Now I have my daughter playing on the bed with him. This time I bought a dreams pocket sprung mattress. Its quality is really very good and its extremely comfortable. It’s been more than three years and still going strong.

    Debolina Ray
  • Me and my husband had a tough time choosing a comfortable mattress for us. We surfed a lot as we both do not have much time to shop. We came upon dreamsmattress website wherein the information about minimal partner disturbance feature fascinated us. We both like to have our own space so, obviously, this little information proved to be quite useful. We got ourselves Hazel Plus pocket spring mattress. It truly is my dream mattress.

    Minakshi Khanna
  • I got two Aero Foam mattresses for my kids some time back. I chose them because of their antibacterial properties and use of biodegradable material. It’s been 5 years since they have been using it without any issues. The mattresses have not sagged nor look old. Their quilt is still intact and looks good to go for a few more years.

    Rohit Singhal
  • A few years back, due to spinal injury, I was advised, by my physician to get a mattress that would keep my posture right when I sleep. Well, I bought an Atis model which is a therapeutic mattress. It was specially designed for people like me and is very comfortable. I would suggest everyone with my kind of injury to buy Atis model from Dreamsmattress.

    Jatin Raina
  • I have till now bought more than six, True value mattresses for my family and relative. All the mattress are made up of good quality foam and come for a highly affordable price. I even gifted one to my relative. 

    Abhay Saishavat
  • My parents used to wake up with joint pain, body pain, or sometimes their limbs just felt stiff. For them, every morning was worse than the previous one. My Doctor suggested Orthopedic Spine Plus mattress for them. Now I am less worried about their health. They look far better now in the mornings and seem to have developed more energy and interest in various activities. I am truly thankful to Dreamsmattress to come up with such an excellent quality mattress.

    Rishabh Aggarwal
  • Seven years back, I bought an Onyx Pillow Top Mattress. It is a Bonnel spring mattress. I find it very comfortable and elegant to look at. It still has not sagged an inch. I would suggest this to everyone who likes a good quality mattress.  

    Karan Rajput


Are you looking for online mattress shopping? is the right place to look for the best quality mattress that will not only give you value for money but it’s a luxury product with styles that will woo your eyes and comfort, that will keep you healthy and relaxed. Buy Soft Foam Mattress Online today.

Dreamsmattress has come up with 100% natural gel infused latex foam mattresses. These are high end luxury mattress that boosts your immunity by providing you with sleep that calm your nerves and relaxes your body like never before. Dreamsmattress has a wide range of products to choose from to suit your various needs. We have orthopedic mattresses for people suffering from joint, muscle and spinal pain to mattress with different firmness to suit your different sleeping position preferences. As we understand people with various sleeping style, require different kind of mattress, to provide maximum comfort to the body.

Our mattresses are made while keeping your little ones in mind. We know children tend to spend a lot of time on bed jumping and playing with their beloved pets. Now you too can join the fun and spend some quality time with your kids on the bed without worrying about the condition of mattress.
All our products are easily available online with size guide. So what are you waiting for? Visit our site to choose your type of mattress and order now.


A brand name that has infused quality with luxury. With wide range to match the various needs of customer its design and quality is superior to every other mattress available today.

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A mattress that is perfect for your body type comes after a lot of research. Your body weight, sleeping pattern, postures are kept in mind when we create the perfect match for you. We even provide customized mattress if you have something else in mind. Dreamsmattress tend to provide the perfect fit for your body.







Dreamsmattress for your Hotel

Dreamsmattress Hotel Mattresses are specially designed keeping in mind premium hotels. These Mattresses are engineered and designed to meet with standards of hotels across the globe. These mattresses can be customized to fit the needs of your hotels.

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