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Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Why Choose Dreams Mattress?

Dreamsmattress guarantees you the best value from the best range with a great service. These principle enable us to remain true to our customer, from our first contact with you and long after you have made your purchase. We have become the best by remaining faithful to the foundations we have grown on and are determined to understand your sleep pattern to provide the best of comforts. We are completely independent and therefore not tied to any particular brand and that is why we are able to focus on exactly what is right for your needs.

How Can Dreams Mattress Offer The Best Price?

We deal with distributors and dealers directly, and because we are the manufacturer, we buy in bulk and get to negotiate the best prices from all our suppliers. This impacts the overall price of our mattresses and we are able to provide it to our customers at a reasonable price.

Just How Important Is Good Sleep To Me?

Sleep is vital for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Sleep recharges our body and mind and boosts our immunity. It can be sometimes elusive but always comforting, and definitely essential for our good health. Although we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, we barely give it any importance – until sleep deprived. Poor sleep affects our mood, health and relationship leading to bad tempers and deteriorating health.

How Relevant Is Good Posture To My Health?

Posture is the position your body adopts during sleep. Correct posture while sleeping is extremely important for your spine, nerves, muscles and blood circulation. Sleep disturbance can lead to shoulder, back and neck pain that can be relieved significantly (or even prevented) with the correct posture that comes from sleeping on the right kind of mattress. Pillows also play an important role in ensuring a good sleep posture. Try to select one that suits your unique individual sleeping position.

Does It Really Matter That My Mattress Is Old?

If you are sleeping on an old mattress, you may have neglected to notice that your quality of sleep has constantly degraded. You may seem to be sleeping comfortably through the night, even though your body is not benefiting from the comfort and support it should get if slept on the right mattress. So it does matter if you are still using your old mattress.

Why Is It So Important To Choose The Right Mattress?

Quality sleep is the gateway to a happy and healthy life. That is why you should spend some time choosing the right mattress for your unique individual needs. Specifications in modern mattresses are so technical these days; that is why we have put all information clearly regarding the importance of each mattress on our website plus our customer service is always there to help you with your queries.

How Do I Choose The Right Mattress?

It is important to consider who will be sleeping on your mattress. Is it a child, adult or elderly person? Is it for one person or two? Would you like the extra space afforded by a queen size or king size mattress? Do you suffer back, neck or mobility problems? We have provided specifications on each mattress to let you identify the one best suited for you. And our customer service helps you to find the best one for you.

How Much Should I Spend On A New Mattress?

A low cost mattress is not necessarily less effective than the one costing three or four times higher, and a well known brand-name mattress may not necessarily best suit your needs. We have created each mattress keeping your good health in mind. and each piece has its own importance. The price is also maintained to not put undue pressure on your pockets. We are in this field since 1987 and have constantly worked to deliver the best to our valued customers.

Why Do Body Impressions Occur On A Mattress?

Body impressions on your mattress of up to 4cm are perfectly normal; these are layers which set and conform to your unique individual body contours. The layers of high quality upholstery are designed to compress with use and you will notice that they are more prominent in the morning, after sleep. Body impressions are not a structural defect and should not be confused with sagging. However, turning your mattress regularly will extend the life of your mattress.

What Is The Best Possible Sleep Solution For A Child?

The best mattress for a child is one that will provide all the support and comfort that a rapidly growing little body needs. Your child spends more time in contact with their mattress than anything else. A simple piece of foam may not be the most supportive platform. A child grows most during sleep and a good mattress will aid healthy bodily development, helping to prevent muscular-skeletal disorders in later life.

What Guarantee Does Dreams Mattress Offer?

Each model comes with a different guarantee. It depends on the content used in it.