Our Great Story

Since its inception in 1987, RP Foam has become a leading manufacturer of Luxury Mattresses i.e.. Foam, HR Foam Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, Rebonded, Spring & Bonnell mattress as well as PU foam Mattress like HR, memory and all Technical Foam. We steadily expanded its penetration and garnered substantial market share for Mattress & PU foam. We have manufacturing plants spread over 15 acres producing finest technical foam and other comfort products in the country.

Our Dreams brand is popular among households, hospitality, and institutions.

Having made considerable progress through our journey, we now look forward to continually evolving and satisfactorily serving the rising demand for Mattress & foam and the allied products.

About Us

Pankaj Gupta, MD of RP Foam Home Pvt. Ltd. tells us how foam based industry is expected to do in the market in the next few years and how the industry should consider online as a new medium to connect with the consumer.

He  shares his expertise in high-tier quality standards, European machinery, a rigorous focus on testing and product experience to create the ‘Dreams’ impact that he is proud of.

Can you tell us some highlights of your journey in this industry since 1987. What major shifts and milestones have you experienced?

Kindly share your views on foam based mattress industry. How big is the market and what are the growth projections for next 3 years?

Foam based mattress industry is seeing a flat growth this year due to pandemic situations. In the normal circumstances, the industry grows at around 15 percent annually. I feel from next year onwards, we would expect that the industry will come back to its normalcy and we could see a regular growth of 15 percent and above in the next few years.

What suggestions do you have for the industry to increase the sales during this pandemic period?

During the pandemic period, industry has realised that on-line has a big potential for sales. Earlier very few mattress brands had on-line presence but now almost all companies want to enter on-line space. I suggest industry should consider on-line as a new medium during this pandemic period to keep up sales and connect with the consumer.

How consumer buying behavior has changed in the last six months. What changes are needed from the retailer to gain his confidence back?

Retailers need to focus on selling quality branded products. In the last few months, consumer is focusing more on quality products. This is evident from the increase of sales in the luxury segment mattress. Retailers need to offer the best quality branded products in his/her stores to get back the confidence of the consumer and increase the sales.

What changes are you seeing in the indian consumer about mattress buying?

Indian consumers are now more cautious in choosing product. Consumers are giving more importance to quality, luxury and hygiene. Earlier price was a major factor for consumers while buying a mattress. Now, consumers are not too price sensitive. Consumers are moving towards the branded mattress market. The demand for customized and luxury mattresses is expected to increase in the coming years.

Dreams Mattress is a flagship brand of the R.P Group, an industry leader in offering Quality Sleep Solutions and having more than 200 Stores across India with a wide network of Dealers and Distributors. With 30+ years of experience “Dreams” comfort products are considered best in the Industry for their quality, comfort, durability, innovation & support.

A Bit About The Company

Nothing can prepare you better for the next day than a Peaceful Sleep” At Dreams, we aspire to transform the way you perceive comfort and keep you fresh all day long through an admirable range of comfort products. A flagship brand of the R.P Group, Dream is an industry leader in offering Quality Sleep Solutions through distinct mattresses, cushions and other comfort products. We started making inroads into the foam industry about 30 years ago; creating our niche is the sleep solution segment for more than a decade. Since then, we have added millions of satisfied customers and continue to serve about 75 lakh customers year on year. At Dreams, we make best endeavors to improve our technology and make frequent additions to our product range. Today, the brand is considered best in the country and is directed at quality, comfort, durability, innovation & support. In 2015 we expanded our business model and created a massive footprint all over India through 175+ Dreams gallery. These are dedicated stores that provide unmatched customized service experience for our customers, improve our serviceability and help us earn better scores on the customer satisfaction index. Deeply focussed towards this end, we aim to spread our wings rapidly and become a 500+ stores strong network within the next few years.