Does Dreams Mattress generate heat?

Our mattresses do not generate heat. In fact, natural our mattresses stay cooler than other mattresses due to their breathable, open-cell structure.

Is Dreams mattress good for back pain?

Dreams mattress is the best material for back support. By conforming to how to write references in mla format for a term paper the natural curves of the body, our mattresses ensure that pressure points do not arise.

Dreams mattress seems soft. Will this mattress sag or sink over time?

mattress even comes with a 5 year warranty. While all our mattresses provide adequate support for your spinal cord, they are also available in increasing levels of firmness. Pincore, Multicore and Hardcore. Pincore and Multicore provide medium compression while Hardcore provides hard compression. All our mattresses are manufactured as per standard.

What is the warranty for Dreams Mattresses?

All our mattresses come with a 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years warranty on different mattresses.

If in case the mattress becomes wet can I dry it under the Sun?