Since 1987

10 Years






Whether its morning or mood, everything refreshing is associated with quality sleep. DREAMS, a youthful & global flagship mattress brand by RP Group, was established in 1987.

Dreams super-comfortable, customizable & quality mattress understand the beauty and preciousness of your loved one’s sleep and make their everyday routine wow.

Our breathable mattress regulate your body temperature while sleeping and calm your nerves.

Our mattresses are made of high-resilience foam & are no-colour degradable in direct sunlight. 175+ expanding to 500+ DREAMS galleries are leading the legacy of the DREAMS Mattress on the grounds of India.

With sleeping-style focused mattress and sleep accessories, we aim to cater you a quality, hygienic & calm routine experience. We wish every customer the best of health and well-being with our wide range of sleep-comforting products.

Scientifically assembled to ensure the highest quality and working on best techniques, the pocket spring mattress Hazel Plus 8 provides a deep sense of comfort, excellent softness, flexibility and durability.

Hazel Plus 8 mattress contains individual springs that are sewn into their own pockets. They have a higher spring count than other mattresses and the individual springs work completely independently from one another. This characteristic ensures the springs support you where you need it the most. Hazel Plus 8, allows you to re-position yourself on the mattress without causing disturbance to your partner beside you.

Features of Hazel Plus 8:

  • Luxury series of highest count of finely tempered steel springs
  • Minimises partner disturbance
  • Softer feel to the body with optimum back support for the spine
  • Cylindrical coil springs become an independent suspension system that counters persons form and weight, thus providing unsurpassed support comfort.

Hazel Plus 8, has knitted imported fabric with soft foam quilting, a comfort layer with Euro top, pocket spring cotton felt for additional comfort and supporting layer.

Being multi-layered the mattress does not sag and is durable.